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Today there is no arguing that the technology, in this case computer network technology, is not simply the “back room” infrastructure used to “hook things up.” Forward thinking business people recognize that IT (Information Technology) and IS (Information Systems) are foundational and have a direct effect on the business’ bottom line. In many cases having its own ROI (Return On Investment). In the world of technology IT | IS the reason and basis for sound business operation, business continuity and disaster recovery. The blend of IT and IS with Management, Sales, Marketing, Accounting and Manufacturing, forms a well rounded team best suited to compete in the marketplace.

Network Problem Escalation & Troubleshooting

Network Problem Escalation & Troubleshooting

Trusted Network Services is well suited to operate as an adjunct to an existing PC/IT staff for network support thus mitigating headcount. We can also work as a virtual CIO/CTO on a temporary basis by project. Or our expertise can be utilized ad hoc, case by case to assist with technical on-demand support 24-7. We can take you from start to finish with repairs and troubleshooting regarding our services including Unified Communications, Routing and Switching, IP Telephony, Wireless, Security, and Cabling. Trusted Network Solutions has national capabilities to service businesses and branches across the United States.

Customer Facing Innovation

Customer Facing Innovation

IT/IS Trusted Network Services is a high-performance organization focused on providing holistic, cohesive IT infrastructure solutions to growing and emergent companies.

IT/IS Trusted Network Services can help in the SOHO arena. Whether the need is remote connectivity into the home or office, VPN, Desktop access, or Wireless configuration we have the expertise to design a highly available, safe and secure network.

Improving Business Processes

Improving Business Processes

IT/IS Trusted Network Services will never lose sight of the fact that the real purpose of technology is to help organizations function more effectively, make better decisions, and continually improve. To that end, we dedicate a great deal of our resources and efforts to helping clients automate processes, optimize operations, and minimize risks through the smarter use of IT/IS industry best practices.

Analog to Digital Transition

Analog to Digital Transition

Careful planning can ensure that a conversion from analog to digital, for example in the Health Industry and Radiology, occurs in an organized and cost effective manner and varies depending on modality upgrades or additions and work flow.

Project Management

Project Management

IT project management is complicated by shifting business needs and demanding stakeholders. Trusted Network Services will optimize IT development and delivery processes to bring every IT/IS project online more effectively, more quickly and on budget.

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